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Apex M750 TKL

The Apex M750TKL and Rival 600 are an excellent Fortnite combination. The steel series software is seamlessly integrated with the peripherals making it incredibly easy to customize an array of different settings for your keyboard and mouse. The design and build quality of the Apex is excellent. It feels incredibly sturdy and well constructed which can be attributed to the aluminum alloy construction. The key switches are SteelSeries’ very own QX2 linear, comparable to Cheery MX Reds. In our testing we found the switches to be fantastic for gaming given their high sensitivity and audible actuation feedback. The Apex enables you to be on the top of your Fortnite game by providing a responsive and fast keystroke. The Apex M750TKL also features full N-Key rollover. This really makes a huge difference when you’re in high intensity battles and you’re reliant on a keyboard that registers every keystroke and input quickly and precisely. The RGB lighting is absolutely stunning, and one of the best we’ve ever seen when paired with SteelSeries’ Engine 3. There are endless customizations to be made with RGB lighting on the Apex and the software is super intuitive and easy to use. Keys are individually backlit giving a consistent and vivid lighting color for every key. The Apex is very much a gaming keyboard, and performance tapers off when moving away from such tasks. There are no dedicated media controls and a lack of USB ports on the keyboard is disappointed but isn’t a deal breaker. Typing accuracy is quite difficult initially given the sensitivity of the key switches, so there is a trade off there if you want the very best in gaming performance you’re going to have to sacrifice a perfect typing experience for one slightly less pleasing. However, over time as you get used to the keys I found that my typing accuracy improved drastically so it seems to just be a case of getting through the first couple of weeks usage.

Rival 600

The Rival 600 is a fantastic gaming mouse. Right from the moment you take it out of the aesthetically pleasing packaging you’re aware you’re in the presence of a serious gaming peripheral. Starting off with the design and build quality, as expected from SteelSeries it is extremely high. It features 2 sensors - an Optical Depth Sensor and the TrueMove 3 Optical Sensor. These two sensors paired together allow for the Rival 600 to deliver the world’s first true 1 to 1 esports sensor. What this translates to in game, particularly Fortnite, is an astonishingly accurate and precise mouse experience. I was able to get the perfect weight balance thanks to the configurable 256 different weight and balance configurations using the included weights. If you’re a gamer who prefers a heavier mouse, just pop in some more weights until it suits your needs. I’m really pleased that SteelSeries is empowering gamers by allowing them more and more control over the customizing of their peripherals to fine tune an excellent gaming experience. The 60 million click mechanical switches are an absolute joy to use and feel beautiful. I really struggled to find any kind of fault with the Rival 600 as it really did perform phenomenally. The feel, look, performance and customizability all encompass an overall perfected gaming peripheral that I’m truly impressed with. The Rival 600 features RGB lighting making it a perfect partner for the Apex M750 TKL in making your gaming setup look awesome.

Ghostwriter Prism Brown

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the design and build quality of the Riotoro Ghostwriter prism keyboard. It’s incredibly well constructed and has a nice weight and feel to it. Our Ghostwriter came equipped with Cherry MX Brown switches, a far quieter key switch when compared to the SteelSeries QX2. I’m a huge fan of Cherry switches and there is no exception here. The switches worked well as a rounded whole experience performing better in typing as opposed to gaming as a consequence of the increased travel required to actuate the key compared to other switches. Given that this was the Prism model, the Ghostwriter was armed with a full RGB backlight array. What I absolutely loved about this is the fact that it was fully configurable without the need for any software whatsoever. You can choose whatever effect or color you’d like simply by utilizing some easy to learn key combinations. It is super intuitive and honestly a great idea as it allows for incredibly quick changes to lighting and there’s no need to fiddle about with software to get the effect you desire. I found the Ghostwriter to be a more well rounded keyboard performing well on a multitude of different tasks ranging from gaming to typing. It’s dedicated media controls and 2 USB ports made it especially feature rich which is definitely a bonus. Given that this is a Fortnite showdown, I have to judge it harder on its gaming performance and when it comes to that it just isn’t as refined as the Apex. The Ghostwriter does a lot of tasks really well but isn’t as laser focused as the Apex is on gaming performance. I feel as though it does a good job making up for such downfalls with the aforementioned additional features such as the media controls and USB ports.


We got our hands on the Aurox Black Prism from Riotoro, their ultra precision gaming mouse. The design of the Aurox is quite clever in that it makes use of the available space in adding additional programmable buttons which is ideal for assigning functions to in Fortnite. The build quality is great up until you feel the weight of the Aurox. Maybe i’m just being picky but I prefer a mouse with a little more weight and it would have been great to be able to increase the weight of the mouse like you can on the Rival 600. A small nit pick but worth mentioning nonetheless. The Aurox more than makes up for its lightweight build in its precision. It features 10,000 DPI with an optical sensor and a 1ms response time. These are specs gamers love reading as such a low response time is crucial when you’re making every second count in a battle. As mentioned previously, the additional buttons are a great addition as it allowed me to assign build functions on Fortnite to them making my building speed increase drastically. These are the types of features i love to see on gaming mouse as it enables gamers to get that all important edge on their competition. The RGB lighting on the Aurox is super cool and looks great, especially in the dark during late night gaming sessions. Overall the Aurox is a formidable gaming mouse that isn’t to be taken lightly (even though it is pretty lightweight). It’s performance and precision when gaming on Fortnite gave the advantage necessary to out perform enemies and achieve that all important Victory Royale!

Suora FX

The ROCCAT Suora takes advantage of a compact frameless build removing the annoyance of bulky heavy keyboards. The build is aluminum with keys boasting 50 million keystroke lifecycles. The design is simple yet satisfying. Of course, it features RGB illumination with 16.8 million colors. The F1-F4 keys are used to toggle through the pre set lighting affects removing the need for software. It’s a stylish keyboard with some rather impressive functionality. The Suora FX features anti ghosting features enabling every keystroke to be registered in real time avoiding the frustration or worry of unregistered keystrokes. A 1ms polling rate means it is delightfully responsive and agile. It features 6 macro keys which is great for MMO gaming. We found the Suora to be a respectable gaming keyboard with some interesting features and innovative technologies, and it’s certainly one to consider if you’re on the market for a gaming keyboard for Fortnite.

Kone Aimo

The Kone Aimo is an interesting mouse from ROCCAT. Originally released back in 2007, it was their first product. The design is intriguing because of the ergonomics it incorporates which are actually great. Enhanced button distinction ensures you’re always actuating the correct button and there’s no overlap leading to complications in those all important Fortnite build battles. The RGB lighting on the Aimo is quite incredible as it displays multi color illumination over 4 light strips as well as a glowing mouse wheel. Whats especially cool about it is that it is reactive, meaning as you press buttons and move around it’ll react to your inputs and adjust the lighting accordingly. This sounds pretty gimmicky however when you try it out and see it in person it looks pretty awesome, even though it serves no real purpose in the performance aspect of the mouse, its a cool feature to have. It boasts a whopping 12,000 DPI meaning its capable of groundbreaking precision even though ROCCAT mentions on their website that they recommend a 400-3000 DPI range as optimal. Overall the Aimo is a formidable gaming mouse with aesthetically pleasing RGB lighting features and more DPI than you’ll know what to do with.


Here it is folks, the Fortnite Peripheral Showdown winner! It was a tough decision, but in the end we decided the Apex m750 TKL & Rival 600 were simply an unbeatable combo for Fortnite Battle Royale. Intense and relentless focus on gaming perfection is exactly why SteelSeries claimed this victory, with the Apex simply being an absolute monster of a gaming keyboard. The precision, build quality, design & feel of the Rival 600 makes it one of the best gaming mice on the market today.

The Apex & Rival compliment each other so well and afford the best gaming experience and performance. With SteelSeries' track record of excellent build quality and dedicated focus on gaming it's no surprise the Apex and Rival lived up to their legacy. If you're on the market for some new peripherals and are looking to step up your Fortnite game, look no further than the Apex m750 TKL & Rival 600.


We had to give Riotoro's Ghostwriter prism the runner up position and an hounourable mention as it put up a hell of a fight. There was so much about the Ghostwriter & Aurox that we loved and they're certainly excellent peripherals, however when focusing on their performance on Fortnite they were not quite as good as the Apex and Rival.

If this showdown was focused in stead on features and overall performance as opposed to soley gaming performance on Fornite, there's certainly a strong chance Riotoro would've come out on top. The Ghostwriters dedicated media keys, software free RGB controls and USB passthrough make it an incredibly well rounded peripheral and it certainly takes the cake in that respect.


Ghostwriter Prism

Apex m750 TKL





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