STEALTHGAMING C6-500 REVIEW Wireless gaming on a budget.

Design, Build Quality and Comfort

For a budget headset, the design is definitely asthetically pleasing. StealthGaming keeps this simple and sleek, with the black and orange contrast making for a nice colour combination. As far as build quality is concerned, it definitely doesn't feel cheap. It's not premium by any means, but it strikes a nice balance in between. The ear cups are large enough to fit majority of ear sizes, however if you've got bigger ears you may find they're not completely sealed inside the headset. This can increase sound bleed and may be a little uncomfortable, so it's something to keep in mind.

Sound, Microphone and Gaming Performance

Sound quality on the C6-500 simply can't compete with higher priced wireless headsets. This is one of the areas where you make a trade off in buying a budget headset, as the audio sounds washed out and leaves a lot to be desired. It's definitely not for audiophiles or for people who want the clearest and most accruate sound, but for people who care less about this they'll enjoy using it without noticing much. It's the same story for microphone quality, with the mic sounding not great but also not terrible either. You have to keep referring back to the price, and understand that a wireless headset at this price needs to make some compromises in certain areas. I still believe that for the price, the C6-500 is an affordable wireless headset for a customer who isn't overly concerned with super high quality performance and instead wants something that will get the job done. The wireless connectivity is good with decent range, and we didn't have any connection issues which is a plus. Gaming performance is decent and the battery life is advertised at 15 hours, however during our testing we got anywhere from 12-16 hours. This is great for extended gaming sessions so props to StealthGaming in that department!

Feature Favourites


Priced at £39.99, the C6-500 is a great value for money option for a wireless gaming headset.


The freedom of a wireless headset means you're not chained to a PC or console when playing, and this is a feature we really liked about the C6-500.


The orange and black colour scheme of the C6-500 and simplistic, sleek design make for an aesthetically pleasing gaming headset.