TONOR TC-777 MICROPHONE REVIEW Budget microphone that packs a punch.

Design & Build Quality

The Tonor TC-777 has a pretty standard design as far as standalone microphones go. It keep things simple with a nice shade of blue and minimal branding, which is a plus in our books. As far as build quality is concerned, we were pleasantly surprised. The TC-777 has a nice weight to it and feels solid, and the materials used feel great especially considering the price. The design and build quality when you factor in the affordable pricetag are excellent, and it doesn't feel cheap at all. Props to TONOR for that.

Sound Quality & Performance

The microphone's sound quality on the TC-777 will vary depending on what you're looking to use it for. It's fantastic for speaking to friends over Discord, providing really clear audio quality with minimal noise and great clarity. If you're looking to use it for more professional audio quality then you're going to discover that the TC-777 has its limitations. It simply can't compete with higher end purpose built professional microphones, however we don't think it's meant to compete on that level anyway. The TC-777 caters to a far bigger market, that is the ordinary consumer. The vast majority of people who buy this microphone will be more than pleased with the quality, and we fell into that camp of people as well. It's a brilliant budget microphone that gets the job done and sounds great to almost everyone, unless you're a particularly picky audiophile.

Feature Favourites


Priced at £34.99, the TC-777 offers great value for money by combining simplistic design, above average build quality and good microphone quality in an affordable package.


The mic quality on the TC-777 is clear and crisp, especially when combined with the included pop filter. It will certainly check the box for the average user, and for the price it's tough to beat.


TONOR kept things simple and sleek with the TC-777 by opting for a simplistic and asthetically pleasing design. The navy blue brushed metallic look paired with minimal branding was an excellent choice by TONOR.